Voltcraft Energy Check 3000


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interesting ... do you sell these items?

interesting ... do you sell these items?
Or could someone tell me where I could buy these energy meters?

Voltcraft engergy check 3000

get it at www.conrad.de.
It is not a good Idea, because you can enter two rates (day and night rate), but it has no clock two record different consumptions.

Electronics stores

Nope, I don't sell anything. You can get them in most electronics stores etc...


Could yoy please open the meter for me to take a look inside?

I can't remember how the wires are mounted to the plug, because I had some malefunctions inside which I repared.

So, I'm interested which color will be mounted where at the plug?

Regards Ton

Open device

Sure, I'll try to find the device and take it apart soonish. I'll post photos when it's done, but I don't know when I'll get around to doing it.