KMines screenshot

KMines screenshot

Screenshot of KMines. Screenshot taken by me. License: GFDL.


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I notice that you have licensed this screenshot under the GFDL. While the GNU project promotes the GFDL for just about anything that isn't a program, the GFDL is in fact a large step backward for Freedom. Please take a look at Nathaniel Nerode's
"Why You Shouldn't Use the GNU FDL" (, and
Srivasta's draft position statement for Debian (

Thanks for the pointers

Thanks for the pointers. I didn't have time yet to read the documents, but I'll do that ASAP. I know that the GDFL has some problems, but still chose it because Wikipedia uses the GFDL for images (mostly).
I'll consider relicensing the images and/or dual licensing them after reading those documents...